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C´mon run

The best app for jogging fans

Project introduction

Three, two, one... let's go!

C'mon run is for all athletes who don't want to run alone and like to compete. Run outside with friends and compare your times. You will see the results sorted by the best after the race. They will motivate you to achieve a higher position on the ladder. So what? Let's get going?

runapp wireframe
From the backstage

Why do the users like the app?

The application allows you to compare your time with others. You will find out how much you manage to run in comparison to your model, neighbour, friend, or simply anyone you want to compete with.

Pixelmate team

Project leader

This app has undergone an extraordinary testing. In order to see if everything is working properly, we had to leave the office and go outside. It was a nice change for us that we really enjoyed!

Pája | Mobile lead

  • Art director: Míra
  • Marketing director: Andy
  • QA manager: Štěpán
  • Android lead: Ondra
  • Android developer: Jiří
  • Backend developer: David
  • iOS lead: Martin
  • iOS developer: Marek
  • Frontend developer: Pavel
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