Everything you need to know about development costs

How much does a mobile app or a web page cost?

Have you ever seen a price list for mobile apps or webs? If yes, beware

If you want to run your business, generate sales or acquire new customers through an app or a website, it is most likely that a ready-made product is not going to be enough.

Individual price offer will help you get an idea about the price for your mobile or web app. To get a precise calculation, your developer will surely need to know quite a lot about the project itself. You should have a very precise specification ready to speed the process up. Even though you can still compare individual offers, compare the hourly prices, hourly testing budget, you can't actually predict the final price and your satisfaction with the developer.
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Price of your project is influenced by the quality of the developer or digital studio

Never-ending development
A developer is motivated to spend 1000 hours because you will pay him to do so. Why should he work faster?
You're trapped
Is your solution built on licenses that you might not be aware of? Is the code disorganized? Then your developer has a really good lever to pressure you whenever he likes.
Built on sand
You come up with a colossal solution, then you launch it and find out that something is not working well. When you try to fix it, you realize that the whole core is not well built in the first place.
You don't think ahead
Developers usually don't care about your business. They want to build products for Android, iOS, Windows Phone - and they want to make a lot of new products. But wouldn't you rather have a successful business thanks to your online project?
Guide to a Successful Project

After years of work with clients who have had varying experience with other developers, we created this guide to a successful project

Think about your goal beforehand

This is our most valuable advice

Long before you start designing your mobile or web application, plan its functions and think about its marketing, ask yourselves what are your expectations for the project? Is it going to be a non-profit project? Marketing tool? New service or product? Do you want to make life easier for your current customers? No matter what it is, set your goal first and stick to it in the course of development and marketing turbulences.

Search for a reliable partner

Look for an agency that will feel perfect to you. They will speak humanely, you will get along well, they will help you in a complex manner - with the right UX design, business model and marketing as well. You don't have to choose in a tender, you can listen to your intuition. You will be happy to see your business flourish and see the great return on investment thanks to high-quality development.

Don't focus on price too much

The low price does not guarantee good quality and is rarely the final price of the work. If there are only 2 hours for testing, then you can get ready for weeks of testing that you will have to do on your own. There are many situations during software development that you might not think of at the beginning and that will cost you a lot of money later - usually much more than the original price. Choose developers that understand you and who will want to cooperate with you on a long term basis.

Ask right from the start how your investment will return

Most customers wish for a really good ROI. Therefore it is inevitable to define ways, that will return the investment on the software development. Is it going to be a paid app or are there going to be commercials in your project? Is it going to be a new sales channel, or its main purpose is going to be raising brand awareness? It is good to pay attention to these questions and a good provider should have an interest in making your project a success.

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Look around you

Analyse your future competition. Is there already a similar app or a website? What makes it successful or what are their weaknesses? What will make your project stand out and what added value does it give its future customers? Already existing solutions will show you what you should beware of, what is practical and what features people love. You can compare the popularity and number of downloads of similar solutions and see what features would be the best for your project.

Focus on simplicity and clarity

In our fast and highly competitive age, your app must be simple, intuitive and user-friendly. The same goes for websites. When someone downloads your app to their phone, they should be happy since the first launch and should be able to use it for the designed purpose in a second. That is why they downloaded the app in the first place. You should, therefore, pay close attention to graphic designs and testing of your app before it goes live.

Don't underestimate the power of marketing

Are you going to promote your new app or web? Are you considering common advertising tools such as PPC for mobile devices? Are you going to fight for better positions in the AppStore, Google Play or within search engine results? What about more complex marketing strategies in the area of your branch or making a promo video? There are so many possibilities and it is often an underestimated aspect of many projects.

Entrust development to the professionals

Even though the freelancer's rates might seem favorable at first sight, you might be unpleasantly surprised quite soon - by lost profit or by expensive repairs. Even well-built mobile applications must be updated and innovated regularly. The application must be easy to work with, fast and its code should be clear and well organized so that anyone can work with it in the future. A quickly built application without the guarantee of a professional development agency can soon become quite an expensive nightmare.

Check them out


Do they have references?


What do their clients say?


Do they do agile development?


Do they have a project manager?


How fast will they answer to my emails?


What frameworks and tools do they use?


Do they have experts in their team?


How is the code review proceed?


Are their people employed by the company?


How do I feel about them?

To wrap it up

High-quality development is not an easy endeavor and you cannot price it like a box of strawberries. A moment of inattentiveness is enough to make the majority of your budget and your dream disappear in a black hole.

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