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Consultation before the app development
Mobile and web app development
Creation of a strategic project plan
Effectively complementing your IT team
Setting up DevOps for your business
Support and consulting for startups
Design and prototyping of your project
Digitization and automation in the company
Prototyping MVP (minimum viable product)
Creation of a professional website or e-shop tailored to your needs
Manage and develop web and mobile apps

“We're not just developers. We help startups and companies build projects efficiently, quickly and so that every line of code pays off economically.”


Phases of strategic planning

One of the most important phases of the project - now the key functionalities, budgets and phases are being addressed.

Strategické plánování

Project development

There are two ways to develop projects. We tailor each selection of project management seperately.

Agile development

  • We can start with development immediately
  • We save costs with project documentation
  • We continuously showcase the work that has been done
  • Having the possibility to change a part of the project or priorities at any time
  • For some clients, it is difficult to accept a vague budget and time needed

“Agile development is proven mainly for larger clients who have project team and often other developers on their side. The client will invite us if he needs to speed up development, streamline it or need closely professionalised software engineers.”

Agile development is most often chosen when:

  • The assignment is not clear or it is inefficient to write it in detail at the beginning
  • We are invited to a long-term project in progress
  • A long-term cooperation that is constantly developing and growing

Fixed price/fixed schedule

  • From the beginning of development, you know how much will it cost and how long will it take
  • Suitable for MVP and smaller projects
  • The most common approach to creating a project
  • In the beginning, it is necessary to draw up a detailed assignment for the project

Development “fix time/fix price” we choose mainly when:

  • A startup or project that has a clear assignment and is easy to describe
  • It's a smaller project
  • Co-cooperation - we take care of design, development, testing

Technologies and tools

What technologies and project tools do we use most often?


Project tools


What we promise, we keep, period.
Quality code
Every code from us is commented, described and created so that a different engineer understands it.
Tailor-made software
The custom project belongs to you. We don't use any hidden payments.
We are responsible for the project
It is up to us to professionally manage the project, to draw attention to any problems and to keep an eye on the deadlines.
Every member of the team is substitutable, you should not be worried that our engineer got a cold.
Long-term cooperation
87% of clients are in a long-term cooperation with us, often the client/agency relationship grows in partnership.

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