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More than developers

We are developers that understand your business

Creating a simple mobile app is a piece of cake for us, as well as the development of a premium website or robust software that is the heart of an automated factory. All that is custom-made and tailored to your needs and goals - strategy, development, and marketing campaign execution.

We often deliver parts for projects:

Complete Backend


Frontend Programming


API Creation


Design Proposal


DevOps Settings


QA and Testing (automated, penetration, …)

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Technology we use

Mobile dev
We love open-source

We want only the best for our clients and almost always we recommend them to build the whole solution using open-source technologies

Open-source technologies offer you loads of advantages:

Any developer can take it over


No additional fees will surprise you. Ever


They are not dependent on any license


No risk of overpriced updates


All investors pre-check the code. Open-source is a big plus

Do you want to expand your web, but it is a problem?

Monthly, we receive 20 inquiries from clients that would like to expand their web, but the original developer doesn't want to cooperate (he hardly makes any money on the update) or is not afraid to ask 4 times higher rate than was agreed. And do you know what? He can, because other developers doesn't want or doesn't know how to work with the purchased licensed software.

What is the solution?

If you get burned, you will have to have your website or mobile app re-written using open-source code or use common license. Discuss the reconstruction with us, we are here to advise and help.

Benefits of Custom Software

If you have custom software programmed, you will avoid license payments and be able to customize the application according to your requirements. Custom software can significantly streamline business processes, making you more competitive.

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We don't want to show off, but...

There are a few ground rules at Pixelmate


The final solution belongs always to you, and you only. Invite other developers when your project grows and it is reasonable to manage updates in-house.


You are not dependent on us in any way and we have no leverage to cunningly pump money out of your pocket in the future.


In case it is necessary to use partial licensed solution, it will be done only after a thorough analysis of benefits that such a decision can offer in comparison to custom development.


No surprises - you will be always explicitly informed about reasons and prices of the used licenses in advance.

Development step by step

How we build custom-made software

Consultation and Workshops
We are finding the right business model for your goals and target group
Solution Architecture
From several prototypes, we choose the right one and elaborate on it.
Design creation
We finalize the web structure and its graphic design with a perfect UX/UI.
Without delays, we turn plans into reality. All progress is reported to you weekly.
The final version is tested without compromises. We debug on 20 smartphones with several OS and browsers.
The app that fulfils our highest demands is uploaded to the AppStore and Google Play.
Marketing and Growth
We bring first users and analyze their behavior, based on which we propose additional steps and improvements.
Are you planning a project? Let's meet. It's non-binding and free!
Speaking is silver, listening is gold

You won't believe it, but communication between client and developer is a key factor for success of the whole project

Two people that a solid agency should introduce you ASAP:
Project manager
  • PM manages tasks and deadlines for the whole production team.
  • PM knows the skills and availability of every developer and designer that are involved in the project.
  • PM guarantees meeting the plan milestones and successful delivery on time and in the required quality.
Account manager
  • The Account manager is in touch with you all the time.
  • He/She informs you about the project completion and presents reaching the milestones.
  • He/She is there for you on the phone and reacts to your emails in a few hours.

There are 3 reasons why our clients most often recommend us

Speed & flexibility

We were born as a startup that changes almost every day and requires maximum speed and flexibility. We answer 91% of emails in 40 minutes.


The best solution is the standard for us. That is confirmed by 5-star reviews on the biggest platform evaluating developers worldwide and stylish hand-written personal letters of recommendation.

Business orientation

Research among our clients revealed that from 95% they appreciate our business orientation the most. We save time, make money, solve problems.

Our values


We deliver to the last pixel what we promise. Our team proactively manages the whole project to the success and deadlines are sacred to us.


Human approach

We don't bore anyone with technical terms, we want to speak like humans. We understand business and not to waste your time we speak honestly.



Innovate or die. We know it and we are not ready for dying, so we constantly innovate, experiment and improve.



The main reasons why we are a great SW agency are long-term relationships with our clients. We forecast their needs, save time and in 93% of cases, they are coming back to us.

Leman app

Production software
tailored to an automotive manufacturer

We helped the automotive manufacturing company to save more than 35% of costs on electricity thanks to the solution, that used IoT sensors to optimize fully-automated production line with tens of robots, so they are not hitting the more expensive electricity tariff. All packed in user-friendly dashboards, always in the manager's pocket.

Our Work
Forbes - 30 under 30 Forbes
Matyas Mandik
Co-founder of Pixelmate

We're in Forbes 30 under 30

The last few years have been challenging for everyone, but as you can see, the world and we haven't stopped and we're moving on. And we're doing it in style. In fact, our Matthias has made the prestigious Forbes magazine 30 under 30 list for 2021! We are really happy for him.

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Our experienced team of programmers specializes in developing applications that align with the latest technologies and trends.

Whether you need a mobile application to streamline internal processes or a web application that provides a top-notch experience to your customers, we are here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Application development is much more than just writing code for us. It's about understanding your business goals and your users' needs, and creating solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you're looking for a straightforward and direct application or require a complex solution with advanced features, at Pixelmate, we have the skills and expertise you need for successful application development.

Want to learn more about our services and how we can help your business? Contact us and find out how we can assist you with application development.

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