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Project introduction

People lend to people. This is the motto of Zonky, a startup for lending and investing, which, despite the original vigilance of investors, is very successful. Today, they have hundreds of employees, a lot of money on loan and more than 55,000 active users. Zonky is a member of the PPF Group, which operates in 24 countries with roots in the Czech Republic. At Pixelmate, we're improving and expanding the Zonky mobile app to make things work great and bringing more and more lending and investment opportunities.


We have been invited to significantly expand mobile applications - to expand abroad, addition of new services and their connection, the overall modernization and refresh of the mobile app

Scope of work

Feature Architecture


UX solution design


Design of a new visual


Design creation




Animation & Interaction





New features

Automatic document validation

For fintech applications, the rule is that onboarding tends to be very long, especially from the legislative measures that applications must meet. Our goal, as opposed to the existing app, was to reduce the exit rate and make onboarding as enjoyable as possible for the user - playful and clear.

Global overview

Or the gateway to the entire application. The main task was to connect all the features that Zonky has. It is not just about lending, but also about an overview for the investor, the environment of the rentier and also about a clear wallet. We also thought that this is a place where it will be easy to add more features and expand the application in the future.

New marketplace & reservations

Today, the marketplace offers many functions and more are being added. New features are in demand, but you had to think about keeping the application clear and intuitive. Markets are most often used by investors and everything needs to be clear at first good.

Smart filtering & template saving

Extension of filter parameters and the possibility of saving filters as a template for easy access at any time.

Global settings

Setting up individual roles, global settings, notifications, profile data and other important information for users. Everything in one place.

New investor overview

Factual data, clarity, modular sections for rapid transfer of important information to investors and the education of primary investors. These points were the main acceptance criteria for the innovation of the investor section.


We've also added playful elements that allow users to achieve certain degrees of appreciation and be a star in investment, for example.

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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  • 7

Designing the
app's visual


Primary color palette

The primary color palette has undergone modernization and was fundamentally reflected in the logical division of individual roles in the application. This helps users to simply and intuitively orientate through the entire application.



Compared to the original application, where the Roboto Slab (Serif) font was used, we chose a more modern, footless variant from the font family Roboto. Once again, we have confirmed that the design is about the details and even a small change can lead to a big shift forward.


Spacing & layout

For a perfect result in such large project, from the POV of design, it is necessary to follow clearly defined rules. A lot of work from the beginning of the project, which harvests fruit - both in the development of the application and in the next stages of the project.


Animations & microinteractions

Animations help make large group of screens come to life. In addition to stirring up illustrated giraffe characters, we've also designed tiny microinteractions of some icons and elements to make scrolling through the app a great experience.

Design creation


adobe after effects
in numbers
Hours spent on
the project


Redesign time

5 months

Number of screens


Number of components


In the media

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In conclusion

We work with an ingenious team that is really interested in the project, together we are inspired, think critically and develop ideas together, without the relationship between the client vs. the employee. contractor or politician. We can oppose, argue, argue and it always leads to the best that can be put into modern applications. I am really happy that we can present innovations to the top management of Zonky, for which they deserve great respect. It is simply a dream collaboration.

Tomáš Novotný

Project Chief for Pixelmate

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