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MVP Startup guide


We decided to devote the first part of the startup guide to the topic of MVP, or minimum viable product. Today we will discuss why we think this approach is important for many projects.

Whether you are about to start web or mobile app development, it will definitely be important for you to plan and design features according to priorities. Choosing the key features of your project can decide the success or failure of the project. So it is necessary to choose such functions that users will want to use and at the same time will make sense from a business point of view. Why?

Today when software development is very expensive and time consuming, prioritization and timing are key. In the digital environment, it's easy to slip into excessive pessimism that this app can do this and that. But the applications that we normally use today often have valuations in the billions, thousands of programmers and user bases to which they can introduce new features and gadgets.

On the contrary, your application will need, at least at the beginning, clear and simple functionality, clarity and focus on the most important problem that the user is solving.

So our advice in a nutshell?

  • Be efficient in the beginning. Focus on the problem the user is solving and solve it. Simply, without frills and complexity.
  • Try to focus on the important and the visible. Your application may not be fully automated, for example on the backend (interface for the administrator). The important thing is that it will be clear for the user.
  • We often encounter the fact that we only get absolutely key information and data from the user, based on real use. These users sometimes even unknowingly contribute to the correct direction of further development of the application.
  • Do not confuse a prototype with a real product. We have in mind an approach where an investor with a view to saving costs often creates his own prototype and then is surprised that the market does not accept it at all. In today's competition of applications that put a lot of effort into design and user-friendliness, you need a product that is professional, friendly and well-crafted.
  • The last tip for today is time. Believe that the timing of the project is often the key to launching in a new market. We try to create an MVP in a matter of months.

The first part is over, we hope you liked it and we would appreciate your feedback. In the next installment, we'll look at the topic of choosing a name for your digital project.

Do you have an idea and would like to implement it? Write to us and we will discuss it.


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