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3,500+ app downloads per week! Yves Rocher is here!

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The brand new mobile app for Yves Rocher has just been released, available now for both iOS and Android devices. We have some numbers to show off!
It's been quite a few months since the international brand Yves Rocher approached us to develop a new mobile app. An app that was supposed to fully digitize, until recently, a purely offline communication channel with its customers. Surely we all remember the paper flyers offering special prices and discounted goods.
Not only did this cost a lot of money, but it was not organic and not well targeted to specific customers.

That's all over now and Yves Rocher has its new, beautiful and so far extremely successful app.
You can download it for both iOS and Android at the links below for the Czech market.

Well, now for the important stuff - how is the app doing after the first week of launch?
The client's expectation was that if around 10,000 users downloaded the app in total, it would be very successful. 

We have been launched for a week and are registering almost 4,000 downloads. The app reviews so far are also overwhelmingly positive. So another successful digitalisation from Pixelmate is here and we are very happy about it. :)

We highly recommend downloading the app to your mobile and enjoy great features such as exclusive offers, loyalty system, order history or even wishlist.

Do you have an idea for an app? Let's discuss it together. 💙

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