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About us
Our values

We believe, that we can do perfectly
only what we love...


To be able to sleep properly, everything has to be in order. You can simply count on us. What exactly do we mean? Regular communication, availability, fairness, punctuality. We fulfil what we promise.


Who doesn't innovate, dies. We know it, we don't want to die and that's why we constantly innovate, experiment and improve.


We love long-term cooperation. We enjoy seeing how the project grows with our help and from the unknown becomes something extraordinary. We approach to everything we do as if we were doing it for ourselves.

Human attitude

We are surrounded by people who inspire us and grow with them. We believe that if we aim at the moon together, we will end at least in the stars.

A bit of history

As time went

The beginnings were not easy at all. It took several months before we managed to persuade the first client to cooperate with us. Fortunately, we all recall it in good, including the client, and the first app is still working very well.

2 founders
1 client
365 days in the office

And then suddenly came a break, the clients started to trust us and we needed
more people as the amount of work increased. So our team of enthusiasts
grew up with 2 programmers and a designer.

5 team members
10+ clients

The first big client! We thank Deloitte for the trust
that we enjoy a lot and we already have the taste for other giants.

27 nights at the office
1 big client
10+ team members

We move to new offices in Prague 4 and grow like a weed,
we will welcome the 15th member to the team this year.

15 team members
150 meters2
of the office
5000 Consumption of coffee
cream cups/year

Year of a great expansion. The foreign clients search for us more and more,
that's why we go to meet them. We will soon open our first branch in Germany.

25+ team members
4 Clients from
4 continents
230+ clients

We might be heading to the moon, who knows?
Maybe we can fly together? Contact us...

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